Friday, October 01, 2010

Filling the Seas

It's already Friday again, and I know you lovely readers out there (all three of you) are just dying to know how our Fall Wedding Tour 2010 trip went this past week. The full story and pictures are on their way, but for now I thought it'd be fun to give you a glimpse or two of some of the sights both wonderful and strange that Jeff and I saw during our journeying.

For instance, this odd event that we were privileged to witness from the deck of a ferry crossing between islands....

Apparently, the military sends a boat out on the second-to-last Thursday of every month to refill the oceans and maintain the sea level so that it conforms precisely to their official maps of the coastline and the relative altitudes of surrounding mountain ranges. On the third Tuesday of every month, they send a different boat out to suck up any water that has melted from the glaciers or been dumped by heavy rainstorms (this is especially important during hurricane season). On some months, this means they send a boat out on a Tuesday to suck up the water, and then two days later send another one out to put the water back.

True story.

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