Friday, September 10, 2010

First Glimpses

My relationship with Jeff began online, a correspondence between two bloggers both interested in spirituality, meditation and politics.

This was the very first picture of himself that he ever sent to me......


...and this was the very first flower he ever gave me.

Stargazer Lily

(Yes, that's right, a digital, clip-art stargazer lily.)


  1. You watch it, or I'll start posting old pictures of YOU. ;-)

  2. The both of you are so damned cute, I'm about to go dig out our collection of love letters. (Seriously--have I communicated yet to the point of absolute tedium how thrilled I am you found each other?)

    *melting into a puddle of schmaltz*

  3. Aww, Cat - now you're making me worry that we're being too saccharine. ;)

    You know, once this blog gets rolling and we know that more of our family members are reading - we're going to start hosting "reader response" days, when we invite readers to post their own stories and thoughts on different topics pertaining to love, marriage, etc. So you should totally dig out those love letters! We would love to hear about you and Peter. :)